Danielle Rousseau

Educator. Social justice activist and researcher. Clinician. Yoga service practitioner. Advocate of embodied mindfulness and radical self-care.

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In conjunction with the Questrom School of Business at BU, we are currently conducting a study to develop best practices for asking assessment questions about sex, gender, and sexual identity. We need your help to support diversity and inclusion in research and HR practice.

“You are in control of your life.  You can work to be better and you are enough.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  Action and acceptance.”

 Danielle Rousseau is an Assistant Professor at Boston University. She is a licensed therapist and certified yoga teacher. Dr. Rousseau’s professional focus has been in trauma service and gender advocacy. She is a scholar activist and justice educator. Dr. Rousseau worked in the field of forensic mental health as a therapist in correctional facilities and served communities doing crisis response and victim advocacy. Her research, teaching and practice focus on justice, trauma, gender, mental health, mindfulness, inclusivity and resilience. She is an advocate of integrative, holistic approaches that support embodied self-care. 

Dr. Rousseau has received multiple grants including a grant to develop, implement and evaluate an opioid specific yoga curriculum. Her work is published in many academic books and journals. She is a sought-after national speaker and trainer and  has developed a diverse range of curricula and trainings. In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr. Rousseau is an entrepreneur and with her husband operates several growing businesses in real estate, business consulting and personal achievement.

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